SuCo Spotlight March ’24 – Brenden Quinette

This month SuCo wants to spotlight the Core Team’s Senior Engineer, Brenden Quinette. Brenden has quickly become the go to resource on the Core Team. That is no small feat considering there are 29 APIs, and 25 Services across four large platforms, and growing! In addition to helping design and develop these platforms, Brenden also supports them 24/7 (On-Call) every other week. Brenden is a joy to work with, a team player who always looking to help, and is continuously pushing our Core technology stack forward. Take a minute to learn a little more about Brenden…

What is something you have learned recently and implemented here at SuCo?

While the world of technology is constantly evolving and there are always new and improved ways of doing everything, one crucial thing I have been learning and doing my best to implement here at SuCo is the ability to better communicate my ideas and designs. With better communication and understanding we are able to minimize the amount of mistakes made as well as time it takes to complete a project.

What do you find most rewarding in your role here at SuCo?

I find that the most rewarding part of my role here at SuCo is the collaborative environment and the openness to change. If there is ever a time that I do not like the way that we are doing something and feel as though I know a better way, I feel comfortable being able to speak up, voice my concern and my ideas, and am able to collaborate with others until we are able to find the best solution possible. With this ability I feel as though I am able to help make a real difference and make our operations run as smoothly as possible.

How do you stay motivated and focused here at SuCo?

Between great colleagues and the love of the work it is easy for me to stay focused and motivated. I love what I do and if I ever need a moment to reset there are many people I can easily talk to and have a quick laugh with before getting back to it.

Do you have any unique family traditions?

My favorite family tradition that my wife and I have started for our kids is that every year on their birthday, while they are asleep, we fill up the entire hallway outside of their room with balloons. Seeing their faces light up as balloons flood their room in the morning is the most special thing I can imagine.