SuCo Spotlight January ’24 – Austin Landrey

This month SuCo wants to spotlight Austin Landrey.  Austin joined SuCo as an Account Manager on the Home Services team just about a year ago.  In his short tenure, Austin has built trusted relationships with his accounts by focusing on performance-driven results.  He has successfully managed to balance his efforts between campaign performance and company goals.  In addition, Austin has brought his operations experience to SuCo, collaborating with others in the company to improve processes and efficiencies.  He’s always striving for the best and does so with great integrity.  Austin is a team player, who is very well liked and respected by his peers.  He’s really an all-around great person to know and work with!

Can you share a memorable success story or achievement from a recent sales project?

One successful achievement that I was able to be a part of was the creation of a bid guidance report that can be utilized to assist our buyers in understanding where they are not winning bids in a certain subvertical or market. It was a great team effort working with the OPS and Analytics team to get this report built out and loaded into our PBI reporting within LDP. What started out as a simple customer request for some information, has turned into a valuable tool that can be utilized with just the click of a few buttons.

Describe the collaborative atmosphere within the sales team at SuCo and how it enhances your performance.

When I joined the SuCo Home Services team back in February of 2023, I could have never anticipated how quickly they would receive me in as one of their own. From the one-on-one training sessions that took place over the first few months, to our ongoing team meetings and calls, everyone has always been willing to share knowledge, ideas, and support for each other. There was (and still is) so much for me to learn about lead generation and I am incredibly blessed to have been able to join such a great team, with amazing leaders that drive this collaboration. 

Share a funny or interesting fact about yourself that most colleagues might not know.

When I was younger, I had really curly hair and I hated it. I usually wore a hat and when I didn’t, I kept it cut short because I could not stand to have it long, especially on the sides and the back. If I could only have some of that curly hair back on my head now! That is why I love that my son lets his curls grow.

Share a childhood memory that shaped who you are today.

Growing up in a large family with five children really shaped my life in ways that I never anticipated or appreciated while I was growing up. The countless hours spent at baseball, basketball, softball/baseball, gymnastics, piano lessons, church activities and other school events were oftentimes viewed as burdensome and certainly not always fun. However, the beauty is that they also served as an opportunity for us kids to grow closer together. I am blessed that my siblings are some of my closest friends and it really helped my wife and I with a pattern to follow, in hopes that our children might experience that same closeness with their siblings.