This month SuCo wants to spotlight our veteran technology beast master, who also just celebrated his five-year SuCo anniversary, Andrew Smith.

When Andrew first arrived at SuCo, he was welcomed with the task of re-architecting our entire system. This was not an easy task, especially since we had to maintain rapid growth, yet build something that could scale into the future. But Andrew did just that! Not only was he an integral part of the design and development, but he was also building a team that could (and can!) support the system going forward. Andrew has extensive knowledge, experience and is a leader you can always count on. Anyone who wants to know anything about our entire software stack or technology in general knows who to go to, Andrew.  Take a minute to learn more about Andrew…

What is the most unique part about working at SuCo?

SuCo is a dynamic and highly agile workplace with plenty of project diversity and challenge. I really love to be busy and fully engaged and SuCo provides that on a daily basis. I enjoy being able to constantly grow and work on new and challenging projects.

What projects are you most excited about working on at SuCo in 2023?

No one project stands out at the moment, but all of our projects have their own excitement and challenges. I am, however, excited to be in a role where I can leverage my experience to assist our Technology team and support our business partners. I really enjoy bringing our various teams together on projects and translating business requirements into detailed technical requirements. It is very important that all our teams have a common understanding of what each project entails so that we succeed as an overall team in delivering value to the business.

What is your favorite part about being a leader at SuCo?

I enjoy being able to help our excellent team of engineers and support staff in any way that I can. It is fulfilling to see younger team members maturing and moving up in the organization. I fully believe that it’s much better to share knowledge than to keep it to yourself.

What do you like to do on the weekends?

My wife and I enjoy meals out at restaurants and watching TV and traveling. I enjoy playing video games and occasionally a good sporting event. We love to get together with our 2 sons Bryden (26) and Ian (21) and share a meal or watch a movie or play a game.