SuCo Spotlight April ’23 – Heath Clinger

This month SuCo wants to spotlight the leader of our Compliance team, Heath Clinger! Heath hit the ground running day one with demonstrating a keen understanding of how to partner with the business, while shouldering the responsibility of managing risk across the organization.

Behind the scenes, Heath manages licensing requirements, tracks marketing efforts and new engagements to mitigate risk, fosters strong relationships with internal teams as a trusted business partner, and manages regulatory and customer care processes.

Heath is not only a welcoming and friendly presence at SuCo, but also one of the kindest individuals you will meet. His commitment to taking on the most daunting of challenges and saying, “I can figure this out,” is truly commendable. Take a minute to learn a little more about Heath…

What is your proudest accomplishment at SuCo? 

My parents taught me to be humble and I generally try to view progress in terms of setting new baselines rather than reaching a goal but, since you asked, I have to say that the team’s efforts in Medicare last year was a proper uphill climb. Everyone really rallied around the cause, and I was glad compliance could contribute. Of course, there’s more climbing to do this year!  

What do you find most rewarding in your role at SuCo?

Our Legal and Compliance team has its hands in just about everything. I never feel better than when I’m able to help a team member move forward with a better understanding of the “why” that guides a decision. I have a diverse background and a natural inclination to really understand the nuts and bolts of how things work. When my job and my interests come together to help a teammate, that’s a good day!  

What advice would you give to someone who might want to join our team?   

When I think about a “good fit” at SuCo, it really has to be someone who is excited about coming to work to make a difference. That’s so cliché, but I’ve worked places where simply suggesting process improvements makes you an outcast. It’s like that scene in the movie Big when Jon Lovitz tells Tom Hanks to slow down because he’s making everyone look bad. With the amazing team at SuCo, I think there’s not only an openness to improvements but there’s a standing green light to implement them. Nobody here holds you back from a good idea!  

What’s on your bucket list this year?   

(Aren’t bucket lists things to do before you die?) I really like challenging myself with DIY projects. My wife thinks (and a photo of my garage supports) that maybe I like starting them more than finishing them, but the truth is that I don’t have a lot of free time, so I’m only interested in the part that’s hard to figure out, then I move on. Google Photos reminded me of an electronics project that turned 2 years old last week. Maybe I’ll resolve to wrap that up.  

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SuCo Spotlight March ’23 – Jennifer Kingston

This month SuCo wants to spotlight the Queen of all-things 3PO, Jennifer Kingston! Jenn joined in June of 2021 originally on the Mortgage Lead Buyer team where she worked for almost a year. After an opportunity opened to oversee the 3PO side of the Affiliate Team, Jenn rose to the challenge! It was a perfect fit, given her extensive background in the role previously. She continues to find new, creative ways to collaborate both with internal and external marketing channels to find incremental wins. Not only does Jenn excel in 3PO but she has been paving growth in verticals like Debt Consolidation, Home Services, Mass Tort, Credit Reporting, and more. Her versatility has been a huge asset for her, and SuCo is a stronger company because of it. Big props to “Lead Jenn” for all her hard work! Take a minute to learn a little more about Jenn…

How does your role impact the overall success of SuCo?

My role directly opens additional verticals for our traffic partners enabling us to provide an extensive catalog of opportunities for them to explore. I help with improving the bottom line, through the ability to further monetize our data, and act as a vehicle for SuCo to expand our buyer partnerships and explore other digital marketing opportunities.

What motivates you to give your best to SuCo every day?

I grew up in a working-class town where so many people never had a chance to realize their dreams or have a career or go anywhere for that matter. That could have easily been me. This will forever fuel me to be the best I can be anywhere I am given the opportunity to work, share my knowledge and be part of a team. With that said, I am so grateful to have been hired to be part of the Suited Connector team in 2021. The team here has further motivated me to push myself to go above and beyond. My co-workers here at SuCo are easily some of the most talented, forward-thinking, knowledgeable and humble people that I have had the pleasure of working with. It’s like – when you are in the presence of greatness, you too are inspired to be great!

What makes you laugh the most?

Chelsea Handler: Revolution.
Goats in pjs.
Watching my neighbors argue over parking spots along the street 😊
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