SuCo Spotlight March ’24 – Brenden Quinette

This month SuCo wants to spotlight the Core Team’s Senior Engineer, Brenden Quinette. Brenden has quickly become the go to resource on the Core Team. That is no small feat considering there are 29 APIs, and 25 Services across four large platforms, and growing! In addition to helping design and develop these platforms, Brenden also supports them 24/7 (On-Call) every other week. Brenden is a joy to work with, a team player who always looking to help, and is continuously pushing our Core technology stack forward. Take a minute to learn a little more about Brenden…

What is something you have learned recently and implemented here at SuCo?

While the world of technology is constantly evolving and there are always new and improved ways of doing everything, one crucial thing I have been learning and doing my best to implement here at SuCo is the ability to better communicate my ideas and designs. With better communication and understanding we are able to minimize the amount of mistakes made as well as time it takes to complete a project.

What do you find most rewarding in your role here at SuCo?

I find that the most rewarding part of my role here at SuCo is the collaborative environment and the openness to change. If there is ever a time that I do not like the way that we are doing something and feel as though I know a better way, I feel comfortable being able to speak up, voice my concern and my ideas, and am able to collaborate with others until we are able to find the best solution possible. With this ability I feel as though I am able to help make a real difference and make our operations run as smoothly as possible.

How do you stay motivated and focused here at SuCo?

Between great colleagues and the love of the work it is easy for me to stay focused and motivated. I love what I do and if I ever need a moment to reset there are many people I can easily talk to and have a quick laugh with before getting back to it.

Do you have any unique family traditions?

My favorite family tradition that my wife and I have started for our kids is that every year on their birthday, while they are asleep, we fill up the entire hallway outside of their room with balloons. Seeing their faces light up as balloons flood their room in the morning is the most special thing I can imagine.

SuCo Spotlight February ’24 – Tonya Hansen

This month SuCo wants to spotlight one of our rockstar accountants, Tonya Hansen. Tonya joined the SuCo team three years ago and has made an amazing impact since the day she joined. She’s always willing to jump in and take initiative on all things accounting. She’s big on improving processes and making everyone’s lives easier. We are incredibly fortunate to have Tonya on our SuCo team.

What attracted you to join SuCo, and how has your experience matched your expectations so far? 

I had worked in a similar industry previous to joining SuCo and enjoy the fast pace environment where things are constantly evolving and changing. I’d say that aspect as well as my direct manager are what drew me to join the team at SuCo. My expectations have definitely matched the experience so far considering I joined during a pandemic which had its own way of forcing change and quick adaptation. It has been interesting to see the ways in which the company has evolved in just 3 short years!

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job, and how do you tackle it? 

I think the most challenging aspect of my job is keeping all the small details, all the random requests, and all the nuances straight. There are so many things that happen in a day that need to be remembered. I manage this by physically writing things down and making lists and also utilizing my calendar for reminders. 

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you want to have with you? 

A book (can I trade it in each week for a new one? haha), coffee, and I suppose it would be responsible to have a utility knife of some sort.

What’s one skill or hobby you’d love to learn in the future? 

I’ve wanted to learn how to golf for a few years now. I finally snagged a set of clubs off Marketplace and plan to take some lessons this spring/summer.

SuCo Spotlight January ’24 – Austin Landrey

This month SuCo wants to spotlight Austin Landrey.  Austin joined SuCo as an Account Manager on the Home Services team just about a year ago.  In his short tenure, Austin has built trusted relationships with his accounts by focusing on performance-driven results.  He has successfully managed to balance his efforts between campaign performance and company goals.  In addition, Austin has brought his operations experience to SuCo, collaborating with others in the company to improve processes and efficiencies.  He’s always striving for the best and does so with great integrity.  Austin is a team player, who is very well liked and respected by his peers.  He’s really an all-around great person to know and work with!

Can you share a memorable success story or achievement from a recent sales project?

One successful achievement that I was able to be a part of was the creation of a bid guidance report that can be utilized to assist our buyers in understanding where they are not winning bids in a certain subvertical or market. It was a great team effort working with the OPS and Analytics team to get this report built out and loaded into our PBI reporting within LDP. What started out as a simple customer request for some information, has turned into a valuable tool that can be utilized with just the click of a few buttons.

Describe the collaborative atmosphere within the sales team at SuCo and how it enhances your performance.

When I joined the SuCo Home Services team back in February of 2023, I could have never anticipated how quickly they would receive me in as one of their own. From the one-on-one training sessions that took place over the first few months, to our ongoing team meetings and calls, everyone has always been willing to share knowledge, ideas, and support for each other. There was (and still is) so much for me to learn about lead generation and I am incredibly blessed to have been able to join such a great team, with amazing leaders that drive this collaboration. 

Share a funny or interesting fact about yourself that most colleagues might not know.

When I was younger, I had really curly hair and I hated it. I usually wore a hat and when I didn’t, I kept it cut short because I could not stand to have it long, especially on the sides and the back. If I could only have some of that curly hair back on my head now! That is why I love that my son lets his curls grow.

Share a childhood memory that shaped who you are today.

Growing up in a large family with five children really shaped my life in ways that I never anticipated or appreciated while I was growing up. The countless hours spent at baseball, basketball, softball/baseball, gymnastics, piano lessons, church activities and other school events were oftentimes viewed as burdensome and certainly not always fun. However, the beauty is that they also served as an opportunity for us kids to grow closer together. I am blessed that my siblings are some of my closest friends and it really helped my wife and I with a pattern to follow, in hopes that our children might experience that same closeness with their siblings. 

SuCo Spotlight December ’23 – Chrysanthia Cheung-Lau

This month’s spotlight is on Chrysanthia Cheung-Lau! After spending a year as a rockstar on the Business Operations team, Chrysanthia was welcomed to the Thank You Page team in January 2023. She hit the ground running and has led two major business initiatives in the last six months. Chrysanthia collaborated with numerous teams, held countless conversations, and tested many iterations to develop our two new Thank You Page user experiences. We thank you for your commitment to success and driving wins for Suited Connector, Chrysanthia!

Can you share a memorable moment or achievement from your time at SuCo that made you proud to be part of the team? 

The day we broke the record for TYP revenue earned! Despite hitting speed bumps along the way, the team worked really hard to achieve this milestone. What made it even more memorable was that it coincided with our company wide event. I’m really proud to be a part of this agile team, as we continue to learn, adapt and collaborate. I look forward to hitting more milestones in the future.

How does SuCo encourage innovation, and have you had the opportunity to contribute your ideas to the company’s success?

I feel lucky to be a part of a team and company that encourages and values different perspectives. Our team’s daily meetings sometimes turn into whiteboarding sessions where we get to create and challenge new ideas. On a larger scale, I recently participated in a brainstorming session with other departments where we shared any and all (outlandish) ideas to help the company grow. 

What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to food, and do you have a favorite recipe to share? 

Ooo – tough question as this answer is heavily dependent on my mood. Am I looking to eat my sorrows away? If so, then hot pot. Especially on a cold, winter day. The meal is convenient, hearty, and hits all the spots, especially when enjoyed at home. The worst part is if I forget to change into my Thanksgiving pants beforehand. For sweets, I can’t resist good toffee. My friends and I do an annual holiday cookie exchange and a couple years ago, I stumbled upon a Salty Vanilla Toffee Cookie recipe online. It’s usually a huge crowd pleaser and probably helps that the recipe calls for two sticks of butter. Ping me if you want the rest of the recipe!

What’s a hobby or activity you’ve picked up during the past year that brings you joy? 

When I am not bothering my dog or playing board/card games, I enjoy bowling in my “spare” time. My dad and I used to play together in a league, and it has since been a hobby of mine to get some steps in while perfecting my strikes. Part of the enjoyment is coming up with fun pun team names such as CanniBalls. 

SuCo Spotlight November ’23 – Matthew Sherbahn

This month SuCo wants to spotlight Analytics and survivor contestant (kind of) Matt Sherbahn.  Matt joined the Suco team last year to help drive our owned and operated marketing to new heights.  Matt has helped been one of the driving forces behind SuCo’s strong profitable growth by analyzing trends, building automated performance feedback loops, and working individually with our marketers to optimize their campaigns. Recently Matt has stepped into the insurance world to help our team navigate the ups and downs of OEP/AEP. When Matt isn’t “surviving” or driving growth at SuCo, you can find him taking care of his bees, 3d printing something awesome, or randomly biking 500 miles across Iowa. SuCo is incredibly fortunate to have Matt on board! Take a moment to discover more about him…

What was your most successful data analysis project here at SuCo?

Building out the O&O performance dashboard and providing location targeting optimization to the O&O team. By associating the conversion data from the core model to the data in the individual platforms, we are able to optimize individual campaigns based on their performance, linking ad-level information all the way through to quality metrics from our buyers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg for what is possible with this team!

What inspired you to join SuCo?

I worked for years in the food industry as an engineer, and pretty early on started getting interested in the story data could tell. Unfortunately, at an old-fashioned company I would get a lot of pushback from folks who were set in their ways and didn’t want to make adjustments based on what the data was saying. I realized I needed a change of pace, and went back to school for computer science. When I saw SuCo’s listing for a data analyst and after interviewing with Ron and Eric, I knew SuCo was exactly the kind of fast-paced, data driven environment that I needed to thrive

What is your definition of success?

It might be cheesy, but my definition of success is when I feel like I and those around me are effectively and continuously improving. From RPIs to beekeeping, this is why data analytics appeals to me in general; data is the compass that drives effort towards growth and improvement!

If you could compare yourself to an animal, what would it be and why?

Also cheesy, but I’d go with the honey badger. Between my interest in beekeeping and being a Wisconsin Badger it feels like a no brainer. I also like to think of myself as tenacious, and sometimes I can be a bit overly stubborn 🙂

SuCo Spotlight October ’23 – Claudia Petrizzi

This month SuCo wants to spotlight PMO’s very own Claudia Petrizzi. Claudia has been part of our Tech team for almost two years and has made an amazing impact on the team’s organization, coordination and communication. She balances SuCo’s fast-paced world and the need for clear understanding with ease. Claudia is always focused on what is the priority for the organization. She takes on every challenge with a clear head and the drive to make all our projects as successful as possible. To quote one of our team members, “Is there anything Claudia can’t do?” SuCo is very lucky to have Claudia! Take a minute to learn a little more about Claudia…

What has been your most successful project here at SuCo, and how did it impact the company?

One of my most successful projects here at SuCo would be assisting Tech in refactoring our platform for Thank You Page. The project was called TYP 2.5 and provided faster load times, increased volume, and led to an increase in revenue. This was a huge win for SuCo!

How would you describe your team?

As a Project Manager, I work closely with many teams including Front End, Admin Apps, Thank You Page, and Creative Services. I work closest with the Front End developers, who take on the ideas/requirements for each project and implement the visual elements and user interface. The Front End team consists of some of the most hardworking and determined individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure working with. They are the ones who bring visions to life!

What hashtags describe your personality the best and why?

The hashtags that best describe my personality would be #travel #outdoors #adventure #music – I have a huge passion for traveling and a love for exploring new places. You will typically find me hiking a mountain, camping, going to a concert, or on a spontaneous trip in my free time.

SuCo Spotlight September ’23 – Matt Crist

This month SuCo wants to spotlight our Account Manager of Insurance Sales, Matt Crist. Since day one Matt has been eager to grow in his role and expand his responsibilities. In a very short period of time he proved to be an enormous asset to the organization and was promoted to a Manager role. Matt is a rock; he is always available and is constantly pushing his buyers into new areas and driving new business initiatives. He never shies away from a challenge and through his exemplary work ethic, he challenges those around him to be better. Take a minute to learn a little more about Matt…

What is your favorite client moment to date and why?

I thought about this one hard and I don’t have a particular favorite client moment. Being on the sales side of the business, I really enjoy establishing a unique relationship with every one of our clients.  Each conversation is different and needs to alter based on what their end goal is trying to accomplish. What I enjoy most about that is being able to take clients’ from the prospective phase of not knowing much about one another, all the way through to a long-term partnership where we can establish trust. I also enjoy getting clients out for activities such as sporting events, golf and entertainment where we get to connect on a personal level outside of work.

What is your favorite thing about being in the lead gen space?

One of the best things about being in the Lead Gen space is every day is a new day and you never know quite exactly what you are going to get. This industry allows us to think on our toes and constantly problem solve, which makes it challenging but enjoyable week in and week out. Lead Gen is constantly evolving which provides opportunities for innovation and exploring new ideas to bring to market.  Another portion of the industry, being on the client facing side that I enjoy, is the small industry feel. Going out to conferences, strengthening relationships, and being able to turn to your right or left knowing mostly everyone provides a community that I believe sets us apart from a lot of other industries.

Now that football season is back, who is your favorite football team and why?

San Francisco 49ers. I grew up in the Bay Area, Palo Alto, for most of my life before heading down south the last few years in San Diego. My Dad used to take me to games growing up at Candlestick Park where I used to root for players like Jeff Garcia, Kevin Barlow, and JJ Stokes. I also played football growing up all throughout grade school. Most of my closest friends I still keep in touch with today originated from those days, so it’s safe to say, football has played a big part in my life. Now being able to watch the team turnaround and have a real shot at winning the Superbowl this year has been exciting to see unfold. I am excited to go back to the Bay Area for the Bengals game at the end of October and who knows, maybe a playoff game or two in January are in store for the near future. Go Niners!

SuCo Spotlight August ’23 – Megan O’Neill

This month SuCo wants to spotlight our People Operations Generalist, Megan O’Neill. Megan’s first thoughts are always around how she can help the SuCo team in every capacity. She always demonstrates adaptability and willingness to jump in and ensure team members are having a great experience at SuCo, within, and outside of her HR skillset. Since joining our team Megan has been quick to pick up new tasks, including employee on-boarding, payroll, benefit administration, team member engagement and more. She continues to set an example for how to be a true company team player! She is organized, dependable, thoughtful, creative, and witty! It is a pleasure to get to work with her every day.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in HR?

I chose HR because I have a passion for helping others reach their fullest potential. I really enjoy building new relationships with team members and having the opportunity to improve their working lives, even in the smallest way. Being part of a team that fosters a culture where team members want to come to work is extremely rewarding and is certainly my why each day! It is exciting working in a field where you need to stay nimble, current, and adaptable to ever changing conditions.

What has surprised you the most in working for Suited Connector?

For sure, the people. I knew immediately I wanted to be part of this SuCo Team after my first interactions, but I did not realize that everyone here was going to be so welcoming and warm. Since we do offer remote work options, there are some team members I have not met in person yet, but I know I can always count on them for help with a project or a good laugh because I know they will deliver a great joke or witty response 😊 It truly does feel like a family environment here at SuCo, and I am so grateful to be part of this team!

What are your favorite ways to reward yourself after a long work day or work week?

My favorite way to reward myself after a long work week is spending time with my family outside – camping, hiking, live music, or any sporting event (Broncos & Warriors have my heart!). My ideal Saturday is taking my dogs on a long hike in the mountains and ending the day with a good hazy IPA at a brewery on a patio 😊