The SuCo Executive Leadership wants to send a huge congratulation our entire Tech, Analytics, Project Management and our external partners, Tenex, on the successful transition of all our reporting now running out of Snowflake.

This deserves a shout out for the countless hours spent on this project over the past 8 months. From Analytics, Front End, Back End, data processing, Marketing, and Operations, everything we do as a company involves data.

The completion of this project allows us to be nimbler, make faster decisions and better prepare us for the future. We can’t thank all of you enough in giving us the runway to get this finished.


LeadsCon 2022 was absolutely epic this year. We are so proud of our team, especially with our very own Matt Tillman being recognized for the Tim Burke Pioneer Award “Executive of the Year”. Some of you may know, but this amazingly prestigious award is given to industry leaders who display an ability to give back to the industry in their day to day personal and professional lives.

Matt, we are extremely proud of you honoring Tim’s legacy through the contributions you have made to the industry, #DEI, and to the Suited Connector family.

If you are interested in learning more about the industry’s DE&I efforts visit and if you’d like to work with Matt and our amazing team, check out our open positions:
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